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Processing Prices

Processing Prices

Processing Prices Chart

Prices Effective 6/1/20

Beef Processing Charges Pork/Sheep Processing Charges
Whole & ½’s.55 lbHogs-     Whole & ½’s.60 lb
¼’s.60 lbSheep$45.00 ea.
Double Wrap   
Whole & ½’s.60 lbDouble Wrap Whole & ½’s.65 lb
¼’s.65 lbVacuum Sealed Whole & ½’s.70 lb
Vacuum Sealed Italian, Brats2.00 lb
Whole & ½’s.65 lbSpecialty Brats3.00 lb
¼’s.70 lbSeasoning (Pork)1.29/lb.
Paper Wrapped Burger Maple Pork Sausage/Links2.25 lb
Paper Wrapped.25 lbPork Sausage Links2.00 lb
Double Paper Wrapped..30 lbCuring Charge1.00 lb
Hamburger Patties.1.00 lbSlicing (Hams & Bacon)3.00 ea.
Stew Meat1.00 lbFlavored Bacon1.50 lb
Tenderizing.60 lbCooling Charge (without processing)$20.00
Cooling Charge (without processing)$40.00Lard Rendering & packaging2.00/lb
Butchering Charges Butchering Charges 
Inspected Slaughter Inspected Slaughter 
Beef$75.00 ea.Hogs50.00 ea.
Bison$100.00 ea.Sheep35.00 ea.
Hauling Charges Hauling Charges 
$30.00 ea. $25.00 ea. 
On the Farm Slaughter On the Farm Slaughter 
$100.00 ea. (Beef) $80.00 ea. (Hogs) 
Emergency:$125 ea.  
Additional Fees:

$10/beef for weighing over 1000lbs
$10/beef for being over the age of 30 months


Add 10% to total if order is not picked up within 10 days of receipt of total order completion.

Products that are not picked up within 10 days are subject to being boxed. If products (except cooked sausages) are boxed, add 2$ per box.